Upon request, a Birthday Wish List.

So I feel kinda awkward doing this, but a person close to me requested that I post a birthday wish list for myself. So I am. If you don't buy me birthday presents or would rather just pick something to surprise me, please disregard this post.

For those of you that appreciate wish lists (I know I do!), here ya go:

-Scrapbooking supplies (Mark actually has a list of stuff I picked out from magazine ads--talk to him about what I'd like)
-Flylady book (I need help with cleaning and organizing!)
-Yarn (I'm doing a prayer shawl ministry at church, so nice adult multi-colors would be lovely)
-gift money or a gift card to msngames.com (love these games but would NEVER buy them for myself)
-New pots and pans (either a new inexpensive set, or just one nice pan, like copperbottomed or something good quality--I know nothing about cookware, but we need new stuff!)
-gift cards to Caribou coffee or Lincoln Espresso, Michaels, or any restaurants

That should be a good start. Thank you in advance to anyone who is kind enough to think of me.

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