Catch the summer fun while you can!

As we head into the last few weeks of summer, all of us here have been squeezing in a bit more fun, wherever we can.

One such bit was when we went to Kansas City a week ago on Friday. I wanted to go visit a friend with her new baby, so we decided to make it a day trip and have some fun as a family too. Earlier this year Caleb and Noah's cousins had visited the Kansas City Union Station & Science City, and the pictures and stories they shared made it sound like a fun place.

So we went. There weren't a lot of things for Noah to do, but he thought the bubble fire hydrants in the playground area were neat.
Caleb loved almost all of it. But I think his absolute favorite thing was eating at the train restaurant in Crown Center. Our food was actually brought by model Train.
Mark and I really enjoyed the part of Science City that has lots of optical illusions, and we also enjoyed the Lego art exhibit in Crown Center.

Of course, not all of our past few weeks has been fun. Noah has been ill. He came down with a fever, on-duty doc found a red inner ear, so we did a 3 day round of antibiotics but he was still acting very sick (and waking up many times a night). So we took him to extended care on a Saturday, and Noah's chest sounded rattly to the on-duty doctor. So we started a different antibiotic and nebulizer treatments. Noah is much better now, and he's been such a cooperative boy about his medicine. Initially he screamed through the nebulizer treatments, but now he just sits there until they are over. Of course, we did a lot of things to make them seem more fun--here is an example!
But in more fun news, today marked the start of football season. In an annual cosmic joke played on me, Mark gets to go to the game (it was Alumni Band Day) while I stay home with the kids. I love Husker football and would gladly go to ANY game. Mark could care less about football. So I always find it a little funny that he gets to go to a game every year and I do not. Nevertheless, the boys and I had a fun day getting haircuts, making muffins, and now I'm listening to the game since the boys went to bed early (thank you, God does throw blessings my way!).

Go Big Red!

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