Tot Talk Tuesday

So here is my tot talk for the week. I have two--first, while Caleb and I were talking about family in the car one day last week, he asked "What's a wife?" I explained that when a boy and girl get married the girl is called a wife and the boy is called a husband. So then Caleb responded, "No Mommy, the boy is a prince!" (He gets this from that movie Enchanted. I told you he likes that movie a lot)

The other tot talk was a few nights ago. Our cat was eating some food scraps Noah had dropped to the floor, and we were praising him (because we like it when the cat cleans up stuff that we would otherwise have to clean). Caleb looked at the cat and said, "She's a very little vacuum!"

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  1. Haha, a little vacuum indeed. And I *love* enchanted!