Legacy Tour 2

Here are the pictures and video from the Legacy apartment tour Mark and I took today. (For those that are confused, this is being posted for Mark's parents to look at).

Here is the dining area and entrance to the apartment.
Here is the view while standing in the dining area, of the living room. (Notice the recessed ceiling and fan)
Here is the the view of the kitchen adjacent to the living room (it's a bar type set up, so you can see through to the living room if you are standing at the kitchen sink). Note the wooden door on the wall--that is a can pantry (it's only deep enough for cans or small boxes of dried food).
Here is the opposite side of the kitchen, next to the front door.
Here is the view of the kitchen from the living room. You can see where some bar stools would work nicely here.
This apartment does have a washer/dryer for sale. It's a "thin twin" so a smaller washer dryer.
Here is the panel--it seemed to have the standard washer/dryer controls.
Here is the bathtub--it is in fact a full size tub.

And here are two videos of the apartment. I only took video of the kitchen and dining area, since that is all that differed from the other apartment. It's broken into two videos, since our camera will only take thirty seconds of video.

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