Spring is here!

As always, we are busy, busy, busy! Noah is 11 months old and getting into everything! Mark and I need to step up the babyproofing now that we're remembering what it is like to have a child who is TALL enough to touch things but not OLD enough to touch things! In other news about Noah, we call him our little rhoomba, since he will pick up anything off the floor and eat it. He's crawling and cruising all over the place, but still really loves to be held. And his favorite game right now is I throw It, You Pick it Up.
I went to San Diego in the middle of April for an educational conference, and I got Noah this onesie while I was there--we think it "fits" him quite well!

We've been making great use of our Children's museum season pass, and Caleb has loved it! Here he is pretending to be a bank teller--Grandma Hammi was with us that day, and I think she was proud (she started out as a teller).

Caleb pretty much does a little bit of everything during our visits to what he calls "The Kids Museum". Here he is, painted like a tiger but dressed up as a bee.

Noah played some in the toddler area but preferred to tag along wherever his brother went; as a consequence, Noah was worn out at the end of our visit...he fell asleep in Grandma's arms!

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo (Noah's first zoo trip outside the womb) so hopefully we'll get some great pictures!

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