First Zoo Trip and Mother's Day

Hi All! Here are pictures from our first zoo trip of the season--the Woods family joined us and we had lots of fun!

We had our first Mother's Day celebration a few weeks ago, with Eric and Wendy, because Wendy and I got a joint present--a Cricut machine for scrapbooking--and Eric and Mark graciously gave it to us ahead of time so we could play with it at scrapbooking night. :-) Thanks guys!

And then on Mother's Day we spent the day with my (Kathie's) mom. Mom wanted to go to Granite City for their brunch, which we all love (it was Noah's first time eating the food and he loved it)... ...and then walk across the Bob Kerrey bridge.
Despite the predictions of rain, it turned out to be a very nice day to be outside. Caleb was in a mood though and didn't want his picture taken, but wanted to use Grandpa's camera to take pictures of other people.On the Iowa side of the bridge there was a park with a playground, with restrooms (much to our relief--there weren't any on the Nebraska side)...while we don't recommend those bathrooms to anyone (nasty!) there were useful for an emergency. Caleb and Noah had a good time at the playground, even though it doesn't look like it in this picture. I cannot ever get a picture of the two of them where they are both smiling!

Perhaps this coming week we'll have some pictures of the garden we are planting. Right now we've only made the frames for the raised garden beds and planted some flower seeds in pots, but the flowers have started to poke through the dirt (okay, two of them so far) and hopefully this weekend we'll get the dirt for our pumpkin and watermelon gardens!

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