Happy Holidays!

We've gotten into the spirit of Christmas already at our house. Caleb is really excited for Christmas this year, and is also very into Santa. His newest fun is to put on a Santa hat, insist that we call him Santa, and he goes around asking, "And what do you want for Christmas?"

We had our first real snow the day before Thanksgiving--Caleb and Noah were home that day, so Caleb wanted very badly to go outside. He bundled up and went out; ten minutes later he came to the door, and I asked him if he wanted his shovel. Caleb said, "No Mom, I'm freezing!" We've been very impressed with his expanding vocabulary--he's using bigger words in very appropriate contexts!

In other Christmas news, we have a real tree this year. Grandma and Grandpa Hammie wanted to buy Caleb a real tree that was his size, so instead of putting up our fake tree, we have a four and a half foot scotch pine. It's decorated and already has one present under it.

Caleb has also been taking a greater interest in Noah--after all, Noah is starting to do interesting things! Sometimes Caleb wants to help feed Noah.

And Noah has his first tooth! If you look carefully, you can see the bit of white popping out from his gums. His other bottom tooth is budding, so we figure by Christmas he'll have his two front teeth!

And last but not least, Noah is pretty much sitting up. He can stay put for quite a long time, depending on what toys he has to keep him occupied. Sometimes he falls over, but then again he's only been sitting for about a week!

We expect that the next few weeks will be very busy--this weekend Mark and I are going to see the Canadian Brass concert, and the following weekend is our church Christmas program, in which Caleb will have a part, as one of the animals (all the preschoolers and kindergartners are going to be cows, donkeys, or sheep). The following week we have both the Holiday party at my work and Caleb's school holiday party. AND we are going to visit family for Christmas.

My point is that there probably won't be any more pictures before then, but after the holidays I should have some fun pictures of Noah's first Christmas and Caleb's latest shenanigans!

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