Brown Cows and Big boy baths!

We've been busy preparing for the upcoming holidays. Kathie has one week left before she and the boys are on vacation for two whole weeks! And Mark will take the entire week of Christmas off, so we'll have loads of time to enjoy Christmas. Since Caleb is 3 now, he attends Sunday school and so he can participate in the church Christmas program. Caleb and all his preschool friends played the parts of the stable animals that guard baby Jesus. Specifically, Caleb was a brown cow (in one of the costumes Kathie made). We were very proud that Caleb made it through the program without having a meltdown (he hasn't had good naps all weekend and rehearsals did not go well). Although Caleb didn't sing at all, he did chew the cud (i.e. gum from Grandma).

Noah had his first big boy bath with Caleb on Saturday. Caleb didn't seem to care if Noah was in the tub or not, but Noah loved being in the water with Caleb--at one point he lunged at Caleb to try and touch him! Luckily Mark was right there to catch Noah, and we moved him a bit closer to Caleb, so he could play with his big brother without drowning! Noah also had his first big boy hair wash. He didn't seem to mind, but we were pretty good at keeping the soap out of his eyes. As Noah gets older, we know from experience that this will become more difficult!

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