Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Go Big Red, everyone! Yes, I know we lost the game last weekend, but I learned how to watch football on TV! When Nebraska got their first touchdown, and then the field goal that put Nebraska ahead (for a very small amount of time)--well, Mommy, and Grandma, and I danced around Grandma Beth's living room with our hands in the air. It was great! I love football now, so much in fact that I asked Daddy if we could just sit on a bench in Walmart and watch football on the Walmart TV while Mommy shopped tonight. Yay, Huskers!

Also, Mommy and Daddy got me a treat at Walmart tonight--my first watch! It's a Bob the Builder watch. They bought it for me because it was very inexpensive and I've been very into wearing watches lately. I always ask for Daddy's watch, and he gives me his old broken watch. The reason Mommy and Daddy bought me my own watch is because they were concerned that Daddy's old watch might get lost at daycare and then Daddy couldn't use the watchband someday when his new watchband wears out. Here's a picture of me with my new watch:

See you next week!

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