Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hi all! Sorry that this post is a bit late...Mommy is working all day now, so she doesn't have as much time to post. I promise the posts will still be on Monday or Tuesday, every week! Here are this week's pictures!
Mommy and Daddy (with the help of both Grandmas and Grandpas) moved Daddy's old bunkbeds into our house. These were the bunkbeds that Daddy and Uncle Eric slept on when they were kids, and before them Grandpa Paul slept on one of them! The really good news is that when it is time for me to move into a big boy bed, one of these bunk beds is mine!
In order to make room in the spare bedroom for the bunk beds, Mommy and Daddy had to do a little rearranging. So my climber went outside next to the swingset, and Mommy's old daybed went downstairs with all the books and bookshelves. Now there is a nice little reading nook in the basement--it just needs a few oversize pillows for the bed!...And behind the reading nook is my own little Caleb-sized reading nook, with all my books and my Elmo chair in it! I think there was a Thomas couch at Target that would look great sitting next to my Elmo chair... :-) See you next week!

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