Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm back from vacation, and I have lots of pictures to share! I got to spend a whole week in Minnesota with my mommy, daddy, Grandma Beth, and Grandpa Hammi. Boy, did I have fun! I was ready to go right from the start of the trip. I was all set to ride in the cargo trailer we rented for the trip--it seemed more spacious than the car. Mommy said no. Neither Mommy, Daddy, or I realized what a long trip (and how much riding in the car) was in store for us.
One of the first things we did when we got to Northern Minnesota was visit horsies! I love horses--they've been one of my favorite animals since I learned to talk. Above is a picture of me grooming a horse named Missy.
After I groomed Missy, my great aunt Alvin let me ride her! Alvin takes care of a lot of horses at the camp where she lives, so even though I only rode Missy, we got to see a lot of horses--at least 20, by my mommy's count!
Not all the horses have the temperament to let me ride them, but Missy was a good girl. I even told her so--I repeatedly went up to Missy, patted her, and said "Good Girl!" just like Alvin told me to.Alvin's camp had lots of other stuff to look at too. Here I am sitting on one of the old tractors. There were also three goats to see (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) and numerous kitties to pet. Actually, most of the kitties hid from me, but I got to pet at least two of them.

Later in the week, the family and I went to Duluth to see Lake Superior. It was my daddy's and my first visit to Lake Superior. It was unusually hot that day (usually jackets are required) but we still had fun!
I got to throw rocks in the lake, and wade in up to my shorts. At one point I lost my balance and fell face first in the water--I caught myself so that I didn't totally get wet, but that wasn't very much fun! After playing in the water, we got flavored ice to cool down and I chased some seagulls!
In Duluth, we went out for dinner at a place called Grandma's (no really, it's a famous restaurant, I'm not joking around). Well, they had a blue motorcycle in the lobby! It was really fun to sit on. Duluth was great--we stayed the night in Superior, Wisconsin (which is just across the bay) and I swam in the hotel pool. I also got to visit the Aquarium which had loads of freshwater animals in it (including a bald eagle, and freshwater manta rays that I could pet). I also got to see many sailboats that were gathering for a race, and a HUGE freighter boat that came through the aerial lift bridge. Oh yeah, and as if all that wasn't enough excitement, there was a HUGE wooden playground near the aquarium that I got to play on. Mommy played there when she was a kid, so it's a tradition now. (Mommy note: playground is not sufficient to describe the place--if I can get any pictures of it from my dad, I'll post them later)

We also went to a picnic hosted by some college friends of my grandparents. Some of their grandkids were there too, and I had a lot of fun playing with a little girl named Autumn.
See! Here we are, splashing in the cooler that had been holding corn. I got all wet! (Mommy note: ALL WET! He pretty much soaked himself and had to be changed before we could go back to our cabin)
The resort where we stayed was fun too. There was a play set with a slide and swings, two different kinds of lawn games (one with pool balls that I loved and one with golf balls, Mommy and Daddy are thinking about getting their own). And as you can see above, there was a sandbox! Three little boys live at the resort where we stayed, and I had lots of fun playing with them in the sand.
And last but not least, Grandpa Hammi brought his boat to the resort so we could go for a ride! I actually got to take two rides, since the boat wouldn't hold everyone at the same time. First, Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, and I went down the river and back. Then Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Alvin, and I went again--the second time, Grandpa Hammi let me help steer the boat and Grandma Beth let me drag my hand in the water--it was so neat!
See you next week-hope you enjoyed all the pictures--I sure had fun!

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