July 31, 2007

Next week we will be out-of-town for a vacation with Grandma Beth and Grandpa Hammi, so Mommy won't be able to post. Because of that, she made extra sure to post lots of pictures this week, and I'm sure the week after the trip there will be lots of pictures of me having fun in Minnesota!
Here I am, taking care of my baby Dierdre (I named her that when I was a baby, or rather I said Dee-duh and Mommy interpreted). Mommy was amused that it looks like I'm nursing her, but I don't really understand what that means. I was just holding her while I watched a video. However, I did give a bath to Elmo last week, fed him a "bottle", changed him into pajamas, and put him down for a nap.
Mommy had her 10-year high school reunion last weekend, and boy was it fun! There was a family picnic, where I met a new friend. Here we are, playing with the drinking fountain at the picnic. (Mommy note: I know the picture is a bit blurry, but it's the only one we got--two year olds don't stand still very long!)
I've been into sports a lot lately--Uncle Mike's old football gear is great! Here I am, wearing Uncle Mike's 49ers helmet, and swinging my baseball bat. When you are two, you can play baseball with a football helmet on--Mommy said so! Grandma got out Uncle Mike's old football toybox too--you can see it in the background--it's fun to crawl into! (Mommy note: hopefully we will have a picture of him crawling into the toybox soon)

It's funny, cause everybody says how much I look like my Grandpa Hammi, but a lot of times I act like my daddy (who you all know isn't blood-related to Grandpa Hammi). This picture proves it--my Grandma Judy has a picture of my daddy sleeping with his legs hanging off the bed. I did the same thing last week! I like to sleep in the weirdest places--one time my mommy looked into my room at night and couldn't see me at all. She found me sleeping right up next to the bed, as close as I could get to sleeping under it! Then last night, my daddy couldn't sleep so he went downstairs to read the news for a bit, and when he came back up he couldn't find me anywhere. I wasn't in my bed, or on the floor, or on the recliner in their bedroom (which is where I usually migrate to in the middle of the night). Finally, he saw a lump sleeping in bed next to Mommy. I'd crawled right up into his bed and fallen asleep again! Mommy never even noticed that I was there. That's it for this week--see ya'll in two weeks!

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