Tot Talk Tuesday

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So I know Caleb said lots of cute things this week--but honestly I'm getting very busy so writing them all down has been near impossible.

So here's all I remember. One morning this past week we were walking out to the car and Caleb wanted to ask me a question. He said, "Daddy, I mean, Mommy...whatever your name is!" Which is funny because he gets that from me. Sometimes if I'm having a really busy/crazy day, I'll try to call Caleb and go through Mark, Noah, and our former dog Toby, before getting to Caleb's name! So often I say, "Whatever your name is, come here!"

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  1. Haha. Rene is like that. He's called me his childhood dog's name, and ex-girfriends. He even called me Denishwasher once. We weren't even talking about dishes.

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