Tot Talk Tuesday

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Last night while I was getting dinner ready, Mark took the boys out in the backyard and he played Spies with Caleb. So when we sat down to dinner, Caleb told me they were shooting bad guys in the backyard, and "now they're dead so Jesus and God can eat them." Obviously I've been a little lazy about his religious education!

Noah's latest thing is to say EVERYTHING we say. He'll pick out the key word and repeat it, Noah-style. For example, I'll say, "Wanna go outside?" and Noah says, "Ow-sigh?" He also has random sounds that come out of his mouth, like "yeah" and "yo-yo-yo". It's amazing how often his "yeah" comes out at an appropriate moment. For example, Caleb says, "I wanna go out to eat," and Noah immediately says, "Yeah!". And he just sounds like a gangster when he says, "Yo! Yo-Yo!"

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  1. That's adorable! I love the whole Jesus and God can eat them thing.