Family Friday

Welcome to Family Friday! For our first Family Friday, I have to tell you how excited our kids are about Halloween. Okay, well, Caleb is excited because he knows what is coming on October 30 (i.e. crazy night gathering candy) and Noah is excited because there are pumpkin lights!
Unfortunately there isn't much news this month so far. But Caleb has enjoyed playing hide and seek lately. Can you find him? (I promise, he is in that bed somewhere)
And I have to share a precious picture, of Mark and Noah taking a lazy Sunday nap together. I will very much miss napping with my babies on the weekend, when I have no more babies.
Last but not least, I have a cute video of Noah, playing his latest game.
Join us this weekend for Story Saturday, where I will share/review one or two books that either the kids love or I love, and for Savior Sunday, where I will post a bible verse and devotional. TGIF!

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