Swimming, Climbing, and Jumping!

I thought I'd provide a kid update with pictures. Caleb has been very excited that our pool is up, and really enjoyed swimming in it a few days in a row. Then, of course, we had to add the chemicals, and we haven't been able to swim in it since (Mark can't get the pH, chlorine, or alkalinity to the right levels). But here are a few pictures of Caleb's pool fun before the chemistry took over the pool.
Remember how Noah started taking steps? Well, that's about as far as he's gotten, with walking. Noah is still convinced that crawling is faster and bear-crawling is what is required when he wants to go really fast. Despite his lack of walking, Noah has decided to be a master climber. See what I mean?
It's only a matter of time before I find him sitting on my dresser top, or on top of one of my closet shelves, or at the very least climbing out of his crib.

Last but not least, I thought it was quite adorable that Noah has started to mimic Caleb--that is, until I saw this:

Yes, yes, it's very cute. But we don't generally allow jumping on the bed (and yes, I am videotaping it, so for this one moment in time Mark and I were allowing Caleb to jump on his bed...I'm sure we'll regret it someday). See Mark's disapproving face?

p.s. Today was crazy hair day in Caleb's preschool classroom. I had grand dreams of doing spiky twists with blue tips--but alas, the homemade hair dye would have had to be put in last night (and I place a high value on my kiddo and his sheets staying clean overnight), and Caleb's hair isn't quite long enough (or my hair pomade isn't strong enough) for spiky twists. So here is the best we could do:

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  1. Crazy hair day. What a fun idea.

    Oh but jumping on beds is such a part of childhood. I have many fond childhood memories of jumping on my own bed. I figure at least the kids are getting exercise...

    Wow, quite the climber you'd got there! Look out world.