One nice day.

So Caleb, Noah, Mark, and I had a really great day on Sunday. We needed to finish up our Spring Safari list (we had 4 left) so we went on a Safari sprint! We actually only got 3 of them done, but the last one for Spring is on the way to Omaha, sort of, so we figure we can pick that one up pretty easily.

We went to the Pfizer Saline Wetlands, Bowling Lake, and the Whitehead Saline Wetlands. The Whitehead Saline Wetlands were a bit of a letdown--lots of birds, but it was just a pier that you stand on and look out over the wetlands. Mark said there was supposed to be a trail but he couldn't find it. Bowling lake was all right, but Mark and I aren't big fishing people, so we just kinda walked a bit--but we'd already walked at the Pfizer Saline Wetlands, so we were kinda bored with that. The Pfizer Saline Wetlands we did first--that was rather neat. There were lots of different plants to look at, and some ducks and other birds. It was a good time. Here are some pics of the Pfizer Saline wetlands.
We walked onto this dock that was a good 2-3 feet higher than the top of the water in the marsh, and the grass was taller than Caleb! Which means the grass was really taller than all of us, probably!
Caleb and Noah received a wagon from Grandma and Grandpa Hammi for their birthdays. It made doing safaris much easier--the stroller would have been kind of annoying over the rough terrain.

Then we decided to go to the Children's museum; it had been a while and we were eager to see the newly renovated theatre area. Caleb and Noah had a great time! Caleb did a little bit of everything at the museum, but spent the most time enjoying some of the new costumes!

See the sweet Caleb fish!
And the not-so-sweet Caleb dragon!

Noah really liked the laser button on the sound/lights board, and climbing in the infant area. Noah is my master climber--I think we may find him at the top of a bookcase or on top of the table, someday! Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the climbing--Caleb and Mark had gone upstairs and I couldn't take pictures because I had to move fast to keep Noah from falling.

Noah repeatedly hit the laser button, making a shooting laser sound (think sci fi movie). After a while, I asked Noah "Do you like that sound?" and a woman sitting near us said, "Oh, that's him doing it!" Too funny. In other news, Noah has an official first word (cause Dada doesn't count--he doesn't know it means daddy). Noah can say hi. It comes out "ai!" but he says it. And if you ask him to say hi, sometimes he says, "ai" and other times he will wave. So he does know what it means, we think.

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  1. Aw great pics and it sounds like a fun day. We kept meaning to do the safari, but never got round to joining up. Oh well.