Games, and Baseball, and Birthdays, oh my!

We've had a lot going on the past week--on Sunday, May 24, we went to a Saltdogs baseball game--we got seats right behind home plate for about $7 a piece (Noah was free). Since we got coupons for free happy meals at McDonalds, free shakes at Amigos, and our entire section won 3 free games of bowling at Sun Valley (yes, that means we won 9 games of bowling)...we kinda figure we pretty much made money by going to that game! It was Noah's first baseball game, and we all had a great time. It sprinkled on us in the first few innings, but then it just stayed cool and overcast--a little chilly but a pretty nice night for a baseball game.

Then on Memorial Day, we went over to our good friends' house and had our semi-annual Game Day. Everyone seemed to have a really good time--the kids played outside all day, much to Caleb's joy (okay, there were a few minutes of inside play, but not much). And Noah enjoyed all the food very much!

Last but not least, Noah had his first birthday party this past weekend. He had a Winnie-the-Pooh themed party, with his very own mini-cake to dig into.

The party was a lot of fun--Noah received many wonderful gifts (thank you!) and the other kids appeared to enjoy themselves. Hanging balloons on streamers from the rotating ceiling fan is apparently quite entertaining, as is purple crayola sand. It was a great day!

With summer in full swing (or at least summer BREAK) we are busy, busy, busy--so the next post will hopefully be about our upcoming trip this weekend. We are traveling to Minnesota for a joint party for my cousin's graduation (Congrats Noelle!) and my grandma's 85th birthday (Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!). However, we are making the trip a mini-vacation too, so we'll show you what we did when we get back!

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