Lincoln Safari!

Last year Kathie frequently saw pictures of Caleb's cousins as they participated in the Lincoln Safari Program--it's a free program intended to get families spending time outside together. Because Kathie thought it looked like Brian and Jenna (Caleb's cousins) had a lot of fun, we decided to try it out this year. On January 24, we braved the cold (because we were worried it would be our last chance to see snow--there hasn't been a whole lot this year) and went to our first Safari location, Arnold Heights Park. It was reputed to be one of the best sledding locations in Lincoln, so we brought our sled. The hill was definitely a great sledding hill, plus you could see Lincoln's skyline from the top of the hill. However, it was so cold that Kathie stayed with Noah, who was sleeping in the car, and Caleb and Mark only went down the whole hill once (and down part of the hill 3 times). Prior to the sledding, Kathie went out with Caleb to find the Safari post and make the rubbing in our Safari book.

We are very excited to do some more Safari trips, hopefully when it's a bit warmer! That same day, earlier in the morning, we went to Marcus theatres' first Frosty Flick of the year. Frosty Flicks are 10am Saturday morning movies intended for families; $2.50 gets you admission and a free popcorn. We had received a voucher for 2 free admissions/popcorn and we had a $5 gift card, so we all went--except when we got there they had sold out! However, because there was so much interest (when it sold out there were 3-4 full lines of people waiting, including us) they opened a noon showing, and we went to that. We saw Madagascar 2, and both Caleb and Noah had a great time! It was really nice because there were so many kids and babies, so taking Noah was no big deal.

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