Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy October! Grandma and Grandpa Hammi took Mommy, Daddy, and me to the Pumpkin patch last weekend--it was beautiful weather! Unfortunately Mommy has pregnancy brain and forgot her camera, so we have no pictures of the pumpkin patch.

But I do have some pictures of other things to show you!
This is my hair in the morning when I first wake up:
It's gotten a little better now that I had a professional haircut, but Daddy has to wet it down and comb it every day now. I've also been watching Mommy goof around with slings and her new wrap (for when Bean (the baby) comes) and I decided I wanted to sling MY baby! Here are two pictures of me with Baby Deirdre in a sling:

(Mommy Note: Isn't this just precious? He only did this for one evening, but it was cute to watch him play with his toys while the doll was in his sling. My son already has embraced attachment parenting! My cup runneth over!)

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