Way overdue!

Hi family and friends! I know this post is long overdue, and I promise that I will try to post once a week now. Caleb is growing up so fast! Since our last post (in December) Caleb has started sleeping in a toddler bed, and he's talking; I think his longest sentence to date has been 4 words ("Thank you very much."). Here are a few pictures to see what he's been up to (these are from winter, but I will post a bunch of Spring/Summer in the next few weeks).

As you can see below, Caleb wasn't so sure about his snowsuit. But it was really cold out, and Mommy (he calls me mommy now, not mama) thinks he looks adorable! Luckily for Caleb there is no way the snowsuit or boots will fit him ever again--so I guess they'll get passed on to the next child (someday).

At Christmastime (I know, I know, a LONG time ago) Caleb and I made our first Gingerbread house. It was lots of fun, especially trying to keep Caleb from eating all the decorations! My little helper!
Mommy and Daddy both use laptops, so Caleb naturally wanted to use a laptop too! As fate would have it, Great Aunt Joanne had cousin Noelle's V-Tech laptop from when she was a kiddo, so Caleb inherited it. Thanks Joannie!
Another favorite pasttime of Caleb's is to play on his Magna Doodle; he got this for Christmas from Great Aunt Alvin. This toy is awesome! It keeps Caleb happy in the car when we have to drive a long ways (anything more than 10 minutes is long for Caleb, and since we live about 15-30 minutes from most of our regular destinations, we use the Magna Doodle a lot!).
That's it for this week. I PROMISE to post next week on Monday night or Tuesday morning. Until next week, Caleb says, "Jesus loves you!"

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