Summer Time!

Here are some recent pictures of me, and below them you will find my recent news!

I love to sit in the video chair--I even push Toby (the dog) out of it when I want to sit there!

Just like Daddy did when he was little, I am sitting in the oven drawer! It's really quite comfortable.

I also really like to play music with Daddy. We're working on some duets...but I think it's going to take a lot of practice! :-)

And I just love riding around on Grandpa Hammi's shoulders! I can see everything!

I've had a great summer, and I've got lots of news! I took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park with Mama, Daddy, and all of Mama's family. It was great! During the vacation, I decided to try walking--it was very hard to learn to walk in a tilted RV. So when I got home, I practiced and practiced, and now I'm a pro at walking--I don't even crawl anymore!

I've also been working on getting some molar teeth recently--Mama says she feels like I've been working on them all summer, but really it's only been a month or so.

And much to Mama and Daddy's delight, I've started saying words! Currently I can say dog, kitty, bear, no (he is very good at this one), go, way, and a few others. I rarely say mama or dada (but Mama and Daddy are fairly sure I can say them). I also make lots of sounds. I can make the sound for dog (oof oof), and kitty (mmmow! mow!), and sheep very forcefully (BAA BAA).

My favorite books right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and the touch and feel books about kitties and doggies. I also love to play music, go outside, talk on my pretend cell phone...and the best thing in the whole world is to watch Mama or Daddy vacuum! We visited the hardware store recently and they have an entire vacuum aisle! I was enthralled! We had to look at every one repeatedly, and it was so sad when I had to leave.

In other news, Mama and Daddy have found a new house for us to live in, and they've sold our old house to another family--so in October, right before Halloween, we are moving south of Lincoln to a smaller town! Sounds like fun! The new house has lots more space for me to play in, plus lots of neato features for Mama and Daddy.

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  1. Great photos, Caleb! Keep 'em coming!

    Grandpa Hammi