June was a big month--it was my birthday! But before I show you a birthday picture, let me show you my haircut!
Above is me before I got my hair cut!

Here I am getting my hair cut!

Now I am all done! Aren't I handsome?

Mom and Dad also took me to the zoo the night before my birthday (because they are only open late on Wednesdays). I got to see all kinds of animals and ride the train! Here I am looking at a goat!

I also still enjoy climbing! I've figured out that climbing into the laundry and standing up makes me taller and able to reach more stuff (like Daddy's computer).

Here is the picture I promised, of me at my Birthday party! I had an Elmo party, and I really enjoyed the cake!

I also had my one year well-baby visit with Doc G this month. He gave Mama the go-ahead to try more foods, so she has given me milk (no hives!), pineapple, oranges, cottage cheese, yogurt, and the best of all, ravioli! After you see the pictures below, you will understand why Mom has decided to not do any more ravioli until I am old enough to eat neatly!

Not only did I make a huge mess, but Mama didn't know how to clean me up since every time she washed something, I'd touch another messy part of my body. SO...she just threw me in the bathtub. Here is the result of that:
So now this blog is up-to-date again! I'm a climbing, eating, messy kiddo right now--I am still not officially walking although I've taken a few steps. Bear crawling is SO much easier! See? (This photo is actually from May, but you get the idea--I'm still doing this).

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