Here are the April Pictures!

Mama, Daddy, and I went to Kearney (that's pronounced Car-Knee) Nebraska for our friend Christina's wedding. We stayed in a hotel with a pool, and it was my first time swimming! I did not like the big pool very much--Mama kept swimming away and it made me upset. So for now, I will stick to my baby pool at home!

I also got to do a whole new kind of Kindermusik this Spring--Sign and Sing! I especially liked the BumbleBall. I haven't made any clear signs yet, but Mom thinks I've done the milk sign a few times...and I do know how to point to what I want!

Mama also styled my hair funny to show how long it is getting on top! Obviously it didn't bug her too much, as she didn't actually cut my hair until JUNE! That's all for April!

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