A week's worth of news and pictures!

Hi all! I've got a weeks worth of pictures and news to show ya, seeing as it's been so long since I last posted! Whew, I've been a busy baby! First off, I've been playing a lot more in my room. I love it! There are all sorts of things to get into, and I can play hide and seek with Mama. Where's Caleb? There he is!
I also injured myself the past week. I was exploring around the living room, and I found the heating vents. I stuck my fingers in and slid them down the vents--ouch! It cut me! I got cuts on all five fingers of my right hand. Mama tried to keep the cuts clean by stitching a sock onto my sleeve, but it didn't work for long.

I recovered from that incident quite rapidly, but then something else struck! Diaper rash! I now have my very first bad bout of diaper rash, and man it hurts! Mama and Daddy have tried all sorts of creams and ointments, but it's being stubborn! Mama even tried letting me run around my room naked to let my bottom air out! See:

My diaper rash is still healing (at least I hope it is--it still hurts!) but I am clothed again because Mama just can't follow me around all day cleaning up my accidents. Hope you all are having a good rash-free existence this week. :-) Love, Caleb

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